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When he was on the verge of erupting, he flipped me over, he entered me from behind, filling the room with the sounds of our bodies colliding as he made love to me like a man on a mission.  My orgasms outnumbered his at this point by about five or six to none and he wasn’t even close to finishing.  I grabbed the sheets and met his every thrust.  I think I might have passed out from pleasure, or at the very least, I was delirious with satisfaction.   Four positions later, I was no longer able to keep track of my orgasms.  Finally, he laid his body on mine and, almost imperceptibly, I felt his penis throbbing and pulsating within the warm, wet, velvety walls of my vagina.  Our eyes held each other’s gaze, we kissed; we were connected body, mind, and soul.  In that moment, I felt his body tense and he arched his back and buried himself deeply inside me.   I joined with him, releasing my energy into him as I exploded in what was more than sexual ecstasy, it was spiritual bliss.  We had made it to a new place in our relationship, and at last, I had released all the pain and negativity that had kept me from experiencing true and abiding love. 

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