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House of Fright and Delight 2/10

October 31, 2012

10:47 PM

Melissa looked down to her theme-room companion lying on the floor. She could see that Logan was in need of assistance. His mummy-cock was flaccid and it was best that he didn’t move his arms. Like she had so often before, she got down on her knees and nuzzled up to his manhood. There was no need to ask permission. It didn’t take long at all for her experienced tongue to raise the dead. She’d tease him for another ten minutes or so. It was important he be erect when the first woman walked through the door.

The first woman entered the Egypt room…but it was only Morgan. She was (barely) dressed as some sort of Martian-girl and was in a hurry to take her place in the backyard. As she walked past her boyfriend and Melissa, she reported, “Everything’s ready in the dungeon. Christina has tied and blindfolded Lara and Maria and they’re loaded on caffeine.” Melissa smiled, replying, “They’ll need it!”

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